This has been a year of wonder and chaos. We have learnt much about ourselves, the resilience of people, our ability to lean into our communities, and the continued search for purpose, meaning and hope.
For many, 2020 will be the year that taught perseverance.
It will also be the year that encouraged people to do better,

to be better and to find better ways to live on this earth.
We found comfort in doing things we did as children…
we built puzzles, baked breads (especially banana bread), read books, listened to music our parents listened to.

We happily chatted with old friends, and made new friends connecting online. Some of us bought plants or renovated old rooms in our homes. Some of us found comfort in familial recipes. We sought this comfort and found it in nostalgia.
Our ability to connect has almost made the isolation bearable. Never has a generation been so connected by not connecting at all. This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution everyone was talking about. It is now, truly, here.
This year, we’re exploring three key themes that have shaped 2020, and will continue to inform 2021 and beyond. These themes have been called; In it together, Re-birth/Re-thinking and Digitally authentic.
We hope you find the themes and their images inspiring, insightful and thought provoking. 
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